Franken - A Land of Wine and Beauty!

Active Vacations with a Unique Theme: Franconian Wine

"Fanken – A Land of Wine and Beauty!” ( is a trendsetting initiative that is focused entirely on providing a pleasurable experience to area vacationers and wine connoisseurs.

Nationally and internationally, Franconian wines are enjoying an increasing popularity. This surge in recognition and appreciation is largely due to the high quality standards adhered to by area wine-growers and wineries. However, today’s wine aficionado desires more than just a great glass of wine or two. These days, consumers are interested in total immersion into the world of wine; and all that in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. There is no better place than Franconia to experience this, thanks to renowned vineyards, excellent wines, picturesque countryside and a moderate climate.

Our initiative is a joint venture of the Tourist Board of Franconia, the Franconian Wine-Growers Association, and the Bavarian State Department of Viticulture and Agriculture. Through this joint initiative we are able to offer information, trips, tours, seminars, lectures and valuable tips on the best this area has to offer. You can choose among themes such as: “Wine-Growers and their Wines,” “Overnight stay at a winery”, “Inns and Restaurants,” “Vinotheques”, “Exquisite Regional Cuisine – Local & Delicious”, “Wine-Hiking Trails”, “Wine & Architecture” and “Wine Cultural Events.”

We added also the category “Heckenwirtschaften”. For a short time each year, wine growers open their houses to friends and complete strangers and offer self-produced wines and real, home cooked food. Add to this the proverbial Franconian hospitality plus “Gemütlichkeit”, and you have an opportunity to experience Franconia at its best. In the old days, Heckenwirtschaft meant for winegrowers’ families to tempo-rarily make room in their barns, living rooms, or even their bedrooms to invite in guests and showcase their wines and homemade food.

Our high-quality “Guide to Earthly Pleasures” is available free of charge. It contains a wine compendium, an encyclopedia, and a travel planner. Included are only certified regional offerings. For example, the listing includes wine growers and wineries, all of which have won prestigious prizes on the national, state, and regional level for their products. Or, if you are interested in an “Overnight Stay at a Winery”, you can find a list of certified wineries that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime: Sample their wines, take a walk through their vineyards, and spend the night in their guesthouse. Also included is a chapter on culinary delights offered at area restaurants, as well as a chapter on educational experiences around the world of wine. You can choose from academic lectures, guided walking tours through vineyards, seminars and classes, as well as walking tours through romantic villages steeped in history.

Last but not least, there is a chapter on “Wine Festivals”. Other unique and very popular ways to experience Franconia and its wines include first-class events, such as the “Baroque Festival” in Würzburg. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong. We promise an unforgettable experience!


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March 2nd, 2022 / 3.260

Jörg Hentschel