Franconia’s Cities:

Exceptional History and Entertainment Value

After the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, Franconia was split up into numerous, petty little states and some free cities. The area has since become known as the “Franconian Quilt”. Due to the uniqueness of each state there is also an incredible variety of architectural styles represented in this relatively small area. Church and noble leaders erected extravagant buildings to show off their power and influence. In the free cities, it was the wealthy patricians who demonstrated their self-confidence and independence by building great houses for themselves. Much of this history has been preserved and, to this day, the area offers an architectural and art-historical feast. Franconia also is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The magnificent Residenz Castle in Würzburg, the historical old town of Bamberg, the Roman border fortification Limes, and the baroque-era, margravial opera house in Bayreuth.


In Franconia, there are more than 150 cities of various sizes. They are located in the area from Coburg to Eichstaett and Aschaffenburg to Bayreuth. Many of these towns are well-known beyond the borders of Germany. Every city offers a wealth of attractions and each city has its unique flair and character.


The formerly free cities of Dinkelsbuehl, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Schweinfurt, Fuerth and Nuremberg have preserved their medieval flair and are still surrounded by the old city walls. In Schweinfurt, you can also find examples of more modern Renaissance architecture. Ansbach, Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Erlangen and Coburg used to be state capitals and here you can find some of the most magnificent buildings. To this day, you can sense the elegance and splendor of days gone by. In Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Eichstaett and especially Wuerzburg, the wealthy bishops had some of the most spectacular buildings erected. This grand architecture and the precious cultural treasures mesmerize travellers to this day.



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